Friday, November 30, 2012

i'll never dance like this again.

 November 16th.

 November 17th.
Kristin is still trying to gain some forgiveness after slaying three deer with her car.

 November 18th.
Leaves falling.

 November 19th.
Meet Dora!

 November 20th.
Meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!  Fruit Loops, he's my lover!

 November 21st.
Kristin made sangria... and it was delicious.

 November 22nd.
THANKSGIVING.  Kristin went buckwil'

 November 23rd.
Went Black Friday shopping.  I got this great deal on some Burt's.

 November 24th.
In the ER, gettin diagnosed with shingles.

 November 25th.
Sometimes, ya just gotta get some starbucks.

 November 26th.
Birds are smart.  They know this weather sucks and they're like, "peace out. goin south."

 November 27th.
This is all I'm getting for people for Christmas this year.

 November 28th.

 November 29th.
I was the only person in the waiting room and it still took me 20 minutes to get into the doctor.

November 30th.
"if you stand in the corner by the tree.. you'll get some service"

Girl from Tennessee

Thursday, November 15, 2012

so many christmas songs.

 November 1st.
There's Something Wrong with Kevin.

 November 2nd.
Thank you, Native Americans!

 November 3rd.
This looks gross, but it was amazing.  Lentil Italian something or other.. AMAZING SOUP.

 November 4th
I didn't take this, but I did see this lil face today.  And he tried to eat my hand.  Adorable.

 November 5th.
Classroom Votes.  Four year olds predict the election.

 November 6th.

 November 7th.
shut up, ice.

 November 8th.
Poor Daniel Craig.

 November 9th.
At the gym.  There was one open treadmill on one side of me, and all of these open treadmills on the other side.  So which treadmill does the woman go to?  The one right next to me.
I was so annoyed.

 November 10th.
Jenell and I went shopping and took this photo.

 November 11th.

 November 12th.
It's hard to drive and get a good, clear picture of the sky on fire looking awesome.

 November 13th.
My brother went to Italy and brought me back some Mozart candy!

November 14th.
After all the Abbaye events he's attended... Don finally WON!

November 15th.
When I was arranging stuff for for, I came across these pictures and honestly, I felt a calmness.  I stared at it for a good 10 seconds.  *nods*

Ghost Beach
Empty Streets

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

It's time for teen beat.

 October 16th.
Their Death is Imminent.
(the leaves.)

 October 17th.
My hair had a bit of orange.

 October 18th.
JACKS.  it's HARD cider.

 October 19th.

 October 20th.
Random Dog Sitting.

 October 21st.
Kimbra was WONDERFUL! 

 October 22nd. 
Beetle watching with Josie.

 October 23rd.
You can hide.. but I will find you... at walgreens.

 October 24th.
Don is only living once while drinking a beer.

 October 25th.

 October 26th.
the Turtle and Bob.
by Jenell and Jamie.

 October 27th.
HALLOWEEN party at Zane.  In attendance:  Katniss Everdeen, Shark Bait and a Deviled Egg (not pictured).

 October 28th.
Oh my God.  One of Taylor Swift's greeting cards.  That's enough, Taylor.

 October 29th.
Hurricane Sandy.

 October 30th.
Katniss taking on the Hurricane.

October 31st.
I took a picture of a spider necklace cause it was Halloween.

Eric "Monty" Morris
Penny Reel

Monday, October 15, 2012

I will tell you.. it is a scandal that he does not get more roles..

 October 1st.
People looking to bring me down!

 October 2nd.
Buzz Buzz Buzz.

 October 3rd.
Good MORNING!!!!

 October 4th.
All Falls Down.

 October 5th.
Hanging out on top of Jenell's car.

 October 6th.
Random night with a big "Nightmare Before Christmas" finale!

 October 7th.
And people say the Netflix DVD plan is a waste! HA!

 October 8th.
I made this shit.

 October 9th.
I thought the monster in the lower right hand window was real when I first looked up.

 October 10th.
An autumn bouquet.

 October 11th.
Check out this badass hanging out in front of his garden.

 October 12th.
Hallo to you too!

 October 13th.
Red Red Red.

 October 14th.
Dishwashers are killers too.
October 15th.
Hanging out at work.

The Vaccines
I Always Knew