Monday, October 15, 2012

I will tell you.. it is a scandal that he does not get more roles..

 October 1st.
People looking to bring me down!

 October 2nd.
Buzz Buzz Buzz.

 October 3rd.
Good MORNING!!!!

 October 4th.
All Falls Down.

 October 5th.
Hanging out on top of Jenell's car.

 October 6th.
Random night with a big "Nightmare Before Christmas" finale!

 October 7th.
And people say the Netflix DVD plan is a waste! HA!

 October 8th.
I made this shit.

 October 9th.
I thought the monster in the lower right hand window was real when I first looked up.

 October 10th.
An autumn bouquet.

 October 11th.
Check out this badass hanging out in front of his garden.

 October 12th.
Hallo to you too!

 October 13th.
Red Red Red.

 October 14th.
Dishwashers are killers too.
October 15th.
Hanging out at work.

The Vaccines
I Always Knew

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