Friday, November 30, 2012

i'll never dance like this again.

 November 16th.

 November 17th.
Kristin is still trying to gain some forgiveness after slaying three deer with her car.

 November 18th.
Leaves falling.

 November 19th.
Meet Dora!

 November 20th.
Meet Joseph Gordon-Levitt!!  Fruit Loops, he's my lover!

 November 21st.
Kristin made sangria... and it was delicious.

 November 22nd.
THANKSGIVING.  Kristin went buckwil'

 November 23rd.
Went Black Friday shopping.  I got this great deal on some Burt's.

 November 24th.
In the ER, gettin diagnosed with shingles.

 November 25th.
Sometimes, ya just gotta get some starbucks.

 November 26th.
Birds are smart.  They know this weather sucks and they're like, "peace out. goin south."

 November 27th.
This is all I'm getting for people for Christmas this year.

 November 28th.

 November 29th.
I was the only person in the waiting room and it still took me 20 minutes to get into the doctor.

November 30th.
"if you stand in the corner by the tree.. you'll get some service"

Girl from Tennessee

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